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Remodeling Services

Remodel, Repurpose or Redesign your Space Today! 

dk berg designs LLC will work with you to transform your space into a functional aesthetically pleasing place.  The following is a partial list of our remodeling services.

  • Create floor plan for new space
  • Complete elevations as needed
  • Design lighting plan
  • Specify flooring options
  • Recommend Paint colors or other wall treatment options
  • Specify lighting fixture options
  • Recommend plumbing fixture options
  • Specify countertops and cabinets
  • Recommend tile and grout options
  • Millwork options
  • Specify window treatments including window hardware
  • Specify Accessories and Artwork
  • Create furniture floor plan
  • Determine what furniture will remain
  • Specify new furniture
  • Assist client with hiring contractor and subs
  • Create project budget with client's input
  • Work with contractor and sub-contractors regarding design plan



Tired of not having the space you need to function in today's modern world? 

  • The master suite is not really a suite!
  • The office doesn't function as an office, in fact you don't even use it!
  • Open concept living is just a dream with too many walls blocking the space.
  • The kitchen is a mess, out of date and is difficult to cook in.
  • The number of bathrooms is not adequate and they need updating.
  • Existing spaces aren't functional as designed and need to be reconfigured to accomodate different needs.

Contact dk berg designs LLC and begin the process of modifying your existing space into asthetically pleasing and functional usable space today.

Kitchen (Flip House) - Before                         

Kitchen (Flip House) - Before                                         Kitchen (Flip House) - After



  Kitchen Gut & Remodel - Before                                   Kitchen Gut & Remodel - After




To repurpose space is to take existing unused or underutilized space and repurpose it into a space that better serves the needs of the client. 

One of our clients hired us to help update their home as they planned to move in a year or two.  After consulting with dk berg designs LLC they refell in love with their home and we helped them find the space they needed within their existing home.  As a result they aren't moving after all. 

Click here to find the space in your home that is just waiting to be repurposed into [You Name It].


Small Powder Room Repurposed - In the project below, dk berg designs LLC took a 2'-9" by 3'-9" powder room and repurposed it into a 4'-9" by 5'-9" three piece bathroom.  Besides expanding the space two feet into the back hall/laundry room off the kitchen, the entrance to the bathroom was changed to be off of the adjoining bedroom.  This was accomplished by putting the new doorway in the place of the old sink.  While space is tight, the new bathroom has plenty of storage with a medicine cabinet to the left of the sink, vanity storage, and a cabinet on the wall to the right of the toilet.  The toilet and the existing door were reused and the window was updated with a replacement window.


Powder Room - Before                                                   3/4 Bathroom - After


Laundry Room Repurposed into Master Closet - The existing laundry room was twice as long as it needed to be and an underutilized exterior door in the laundry room led to the rear of the house.  And, the closet in the master bedroom was a wall closet with insufficient space.  

The solution: dk berg designs LLC split the laundry room in half and moved the exterior door from the back of the house to the side of the house giving access to the side driveway where the car is parked.  The new exterior door contains a full-lite window to bring some much needed light into the laundry room.  The cabinets from the old laundry room were reworked and reused.  The back half of the old laundry room was walled off and became part of the new walk-in closet for the master bedroom.  A linen closet was added in the master closet to the right of the entry door.  The master closet was fitted out with two tiered hanging and shelving.


                   Master Closet - Before                         Master Closet - After (2 views)                         Laundry Room - After (2 views)




Redesign is using what you already have to give your space a new look and feel.  It is more than simply rearranging the furniture.  It is about improving the flow of energy through your home and making the space come alive by creating functional and efficient space that meets your needs.  dk berg designs LLC follows fung shui principles to create positive energy flow throughout your space.

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